Up side as if down

The contemporary photography is used to the illusion and the invention, it eliminates tracks and contexts, marks of reference, leaving to the spectator less visual margin to understand the function and the meaning of the images that he observes. The power and enchantment that appears before him are uncertain, the fascination is the enigma of ¿what it’s going on?. The model is hanging up side down, but it’s not visible My images betray the spectator, that makes him enter in a role of a disorder of sensations, a psychological awkwardness or a visual emotion. In the photographs I represent faces that emerge from the dark and they are materialized in the light. This photos are besieged by Baroque paintings, not only by their dark and shady light, but because the Baroque term expresses the concept of confused and impure artifice, of deceit, of whim of nature and extravagance of the thought. They are pictures without identity, compromising portraits. They are visually and ethically uncertain.

This it is the new sense of photograph… blowings of imagination. The illusion is given by the interpretation and the photographic look.