Definition: Bottom of an altarpiece, ment to complete with narrative scenes, its central theme.

Based on the painting Body of Christ in his grave from Hans Holbein (1521) I decided to create this series. As Julia Kristeva has said… Holbein’s originality lies in a vision of Christian death devoided of pathetisim and intimacy for its banality itself … oriented to accentuate the confrontation between man with suffering and death… Holbein presents the death of a divine body, raw and direct: it humanizes.

My pictures try to maintain the same dark light, however, my spaces speak, they are not a coffin, on the contrary, the spaces reflect the life of the characters or at least what each one count as living space; each individual contributed to the choice of his space, it is not random. The result is a renaissance, idealized and unified space. His lack of movement paralyzes the image not only in time but in a specific state of living death.