Technological fragmentation

Discovery of the identity through the technology.

We are an answer to media, our lives have become a landscape of tiny windows where we watched our invented world, distorted, real and vulgar. It appears to us in form of screens that we see, listen and let ourselves be hypnotize.

Thus, we are consumers of a society that does not question itself, but that the answers are given to her. We do not reflect, we react. The mass-media discloses an inevitable manipulation.

On the other hand, the effects of the technology in itself, do not alter the opinions and concepts, but the sensible relations and models of perception, it suggests a corporal isolation from us and produce a change in the traditional social structures.

My images are portraits of this identity distorted by technology. The pictures are an affirmation of the life that we live. Our identity creates itself from the remainder and fragments of which we see. My personage is trapped in a technological identity of a mental space.