The human body intrigues me and its constant development and movement got me into thinking about its fragility, structure and meaning, like skin, meat, deformable and modifiable figure. The body is a reflection of the mind. We are a body, through which we have contact with the outside world; we are a constant experience and we cannot avoid feeling an immutable fragility, a designated weakness.

I incarnate, in my sculptures, bodies suspended in time without identity, that without being real they reveal as figures. Skin as soft clay, this gesture speaks of body and eroticism, mind and being condensed in a duality of the lightness and heaviness. It is a product of the society, is part of a whole, which without being in evidence… is present.

My interest in the human body and its psychology extends to diverse plastic expressions. I began empirically with the sculpture in clay, now I desire to return to my origins and meet again in a deep way with the creation of my hands, the creation of my own body.