Deferred spaces

These are places, non places, marked by a figure, by a gesture of the body like a ghost agglutinated and erased in time. The figure is an empty body like the body without organs of Bacon, blurred by their own emotions, seems to dissolve in itself. it appears as a being threatened by his own uncertainty, the identity disperses itself. It is a malleable body without a face.
Place and shape fluctuate as a non-simultaneous transmission, no body and space are in the same timeline. The image has it’s own reallity immersed in itself and it appears isolated from its surroundings. Is isolated by a technical effect, the blur photo effect in contrast to the sharpness of the background suggests a specific narrative: not to belong and to deny. A detachment of the individual with the environment is repeated… was that body really there?
Though visually and conceptually is the same, each photo tells of a space with a different meaning. Is the sum of these spaces that helps to establish a new identity. The individual is nothing more than a collection of current and past relationships.