Tired of the seduction of the ideal and the frustration of what’s real, I photograph to find another truth.

Making reference to the relation of skin-contact, meaning the tact of sense with the photographic contact of the laboratory, I made this serie denominated Con_tact. Fragment after fragment I create a new time-space dimension. I reconstruct a new plane and I become an architect of faces and bodies.

The organize path of the camera through the image codifies each segment of the body, the image is remade by its constant movement, not only the static photographies are observed, but its internal combinations, those that create diverse possibilities. In the shooting of the photographic-assembly, the retentive and the observation are needed. The memory is part of the new interpretation of the body that seems to undress its structure, leaving only the skin. Portrait of time. Is not the death time of Roland Barthes, but the simultanity of spaces and suspended times.