Definition of Catacresis: Metaphor which consists in the use of a word with a different sense than originally corresponds in order to name a thing that lacks of particular name.

This series has its origin in the same statement. Catacresis is a word that defines something that has no name and is assigned the metaphor. In this case the pin loses its function, its name is not used for sewing or for fastening, it is used for drawing. Paradoxically, the meaning given to this new use of the object is the same word that defines this situation. I am redefining the object. The pin has been a constant essence in my artistic process, it is a symbol of pain, of violence, of human existentialism, and now it is an element that supports my search in the expanded concept of photography. Photography is not just printing on paper, it is drawing with light. In this series the shadow resizes the work, its projection with the light broadens the meaning.